Frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to answer all the questions in the MedScreen health questionnaire?

It is important to answer as many questions as you can, and be as honest as you can, to give the MedScreen doctor a clear picture of your current lifestyle and health. Your MedScreen assessment and which blood tests you have will be based on the information you provide.

What happens once I've completed the health questionnaire?

Once you have signed up with MedScreen and completed the health questionnaire, the MedScreen doctor will review your information and post an initial assessment of your health as well as deciding which blood tests you should have. You will be notified by email when your initial assessment and laboratory referral form is available to view on your MedScreen Account.

What is a MedScreen Account?

When you sign up with MedScreen and complete the health questionnaire your MedScreen Account is generated. Your health information, blood results and other medical data are posted to your MedScreen Account. You can access your MedScreen Account by logging in with your personal username and password.

How long will it take to get my results back?

1. Initial Assessment: When you sign up for a MedScreen check-up and complete the health questionnaire our aim is to have your initial assessment available to view on your MedScreen Account within 48 hours.

2. Final Assessment: Once you have had your blood tests, our aim is to have your final assessment and blood results available to view on your MedScreen Account within 48 hours.

How will I know when my assessment and laboratory paperwork are available to view on my MedScreen Account?

You will receive notification by email when there is any new information available to view on your MedScreen Account.

Where do I get my blood tests taken?

1. If you sign up for a MedScreen check-up as an individual user, you will be given the location of the Laboratory collection rooms in your area.

2. If your company has offered you the corporate MedScreen service, you will have your blood tests taken at your worksite.

What if my blood test results are abnormal?

The MedScreen doctor will analyse your blood results and provide a comprehensive assessment which may include recommendations for further review and/or monitoring by a GP or Specialist.

Can I have medications prescribed for me via the MedScreen website?

MedScreen is a medical screening website and as such is not a platform for diagnosis and treatment of patients. If you require a prescription you will need to go to your GP or your local Accident and Medical Clinic.

Can MedScreen diagnose and treat for an urgent medical concern?

MedScreen is a medical screening website and as such is not a platform for diagnosis and/or treatment of patients. If you have an urgent medical concern or an injury we strongly recommend that you go to your GP or your local Accident and Medical Clinic.

Can MedScreen replace my family GP?

MedScreen is a medical screening website and as such is not a platform for diagnosis or treatment of patients. If you have a GP we strongly encourage you to continue to use their services.

Who is the doctor assessing my health information?

All MedScreen doctors are NZ registered medical doctors with at least 10 years experience in primary care.

How often should I have a MedScreen check-up?

Our Medscreen doctor will advise when you should have your next MedScreen check-up. This decision will be based on your final assessment and blood results.

What blood tests will I need to have?

The MedScreen doctor will assess your information from your completed questionnaire and decide which screening blood tests you should have. When you have your blood tests taken you will also have your height, weight and blood pressure recorded.

What information will I see on the MedScreen App?

You will be able to view all your assessments and blood test results on your MedScreen App. Essentially everything that you can see on your MedScreen Account will be available to view on your MedScreen App.

Do I have to pay for the MedScreen App?

The MedScreen App is free to download.

Who should have a MedScreen health check-up?

Anyone who wants to know their current health status can sign up for a MedScreen check-up. Because more health complications arise the older we get, having a MedScreen checkup is particularly beneficial to those of us in or entering middle age.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Am I protected by patient-doctor confidentiality as with my own GP?

Security and confidentiality is a high priority for the MedScreen team. The patient-doctor relationship is treated with complete confidentiality, as it would be in any medical practice.

Where is my health information stored?

MedScreen is a medical website offering cloud-based storage of personal health data. This cloud-based storage is domiciled in New Zealand. Security and confidentiality is extremely important to us and we have rigorous controls in place to ensure maximum protection of all personal health information.

Will my personal information be sold to any other party?

Your privacy is extremely important to us. The only people to have access to your information are designated MedScreen staff. Your personal information will never be sold or used in any other format.

What happens if my phone is stolen — can anyone else access my health information?

Your username and password will ensure your MedScreen Account is only accessible by you. You must always log out of your MedScreen Account on your computer and Medscreen App to ensure privacy

Board Members

Malcolm Legget, Charlotte Harris, Alana Wilson, John Cameron, Gerry Kofoed, Rob Kofoed

Clinical Governance Board

Dr Rob Kofoed (Founder and Clinical Director)

Rob has over 20 years experience as a primary care doctor and has an extensive background in rehabilitation medicine, medical screening and preventative care. Rob helped develop the Injury Treatment Profiles for ACC and has also overseen the development of the guidelines for rehabilitation clinics in primary care facilities. He is on the executive committee for the College of Urgent Care and is a lecturer and examiner for the College.

Dr Malcolm Legget

Malcolm trained in cardiology at Green Lane Hospital and at the University of Washington, Seattle. He was Director of Echocardiography at Green Lane Hospital from 1995-2000, and is now a consultant cardiologist at the Auckland Heart Group and Auckland City Hospital. He is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Medicine at the University of Auckland.

Dr John Cameron

John is a specialist General Practitioner having been in primary care practice for over 25 years. He has been heavily involved in the development of organized General Practice in the Auckland region over the past 10 years and is a strong believer in an evidence based approach to medical care.

Dr Alana Wilson

Alana is a fellow of the College of GPs having been in general practice for over 20 years. She has represented the College of GPs on the New Zealand Resuscitation Council for 12 years and has been actively involved in guideline setting in this role. Alana has a post graduate diploma in Community Emergency Medicine and also has particular interests in Travel and Migrant Medicine and in residential/palliative care.

Dr Charlotte Harris

Charlotte is originally from the UK, and studied medicine at the University of Liverpool, attaining Honours in a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery Degree. After moving to New Zealand in 2007 Charlotte worked in the rural community, and also achieved FRNZCGP. In September 2012 Charlotte became the Clinical Director of Auckland PHO, and also works for the Auckland DHB as Clinical Director of the Auckland Health Network.