What is MedScreen

MedScreen is an online health screening tool that makes it easy for you to take control of your health in an accessible, convenient and secure way.

MedScreen offers you:

  • A personal online 'warrant of health' by experienced NZ registered doctors.
  • A simple and easy-to-understand explanation of your current risk of serious conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.
  • The ability to track your important health 'numbers' such as your cholesterol, blood pressure and BMI (body mass index).
  • Secure access to your personal health information including blood test results — anywhere, any time — via your computer or MedScreen App on your phone.
  • A fast, efficient and convenient service that addresses your health concerns.
  • Complete security and confidentiality around your personal health data.

How MedScreen Works

1. Register online

Sign up and complete a questionnaire about your health and lifestyle.

You will be asked questions about your medical history, your immediate family medical history, and any health conditions you've had in the past - as well any concerns you have generally about your health.

Once you sign up you will receive notification within 48 hours that your initial doctor's assessment is available on your MedScreen Account, along with your laboratory referral form.

2. Have some blood tests taken

Sign up and complete a questionnaire about your health and lifestyle. Download and print your Laboratory form and have your blood tests taken.

Our MedScreen doctor will recommend which screening blood tests you should have, based on the information you provide in your health questionnaire.

When you have your blood tests taken you will also have your height, weight and blood pressure recorded.

3. Receive a comprehensive analysis of your results

You will be notified by email when your final assessment is available on your MedScreen Account.

You can then log in to your MedScreen account and view a comprehensive report of your current health status. Our MedScreen doctor will give a detailed analysis of your results in easy to understand, layman's terms along with recommendations for further monitoring if required.

Corporate Code

If you have a corporate code simply type it in the corporate code box and click GO.

  • Two comprehensive assessments by a NZ registered and experienced doctor
  • Screening blood tests that provide key indicators to your current health status
  • Recordings of important screening 'numbers' such as your blood pressure and heart rate as well as your height, weight and waist measurements
  • Your health information available to you anywhere at anytime on your MedScreen account on your computer and MedScreen App
  • Access and referrals to specialists for further investigations if recommended by a MedScreen doctor
  • Advice and recommendations on monitoring your health
  • Security and confidentiality of your health data on a NZ domiciled cloud-based server
  • For the nominal annual fee of $12.50 you will maintain access to your health information via your MedScreen Account. This fee is payable 12 months after your initial health check-up with MedScreen.